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Professional Window Cleaning Services in Milton Keynes

Are you looking for professional Window Cleaning Services in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire? S & G Cleaning Services cover all of Milton Keynes, Bletchley and Bedfordshire!

S & G Cleaning Services has been a trusted name in the industry for three decades, offering top-tier window cleaning services to residential clients in Bletchley and Milton Keynes.

With a rich history of excellence, we have honed our skills and perfected our techniques over the years. What sets us apart is our commitment to environmentally friendly practices, as we utilize the innovative “reach and wash system” that ensures sparkling, streak-free windows without the need for any nasty chemicals. This approach not only guarantees an eco-friendly clean but also preserves the longevity of your windows.

Whether you reside in Bletchley or Milton Keynes, we cover the entire area, ensuring that no homeowner is left without the opportunity to benefit from our professional window cleaning services.

Gareth and Sarah understand the value of a crystal-clear view and the impact it can have on your living space. With a blend of experience and modern methods, we’re your go-to choice for a spotless window cleaning experience.

S & G Cleaning Services remains dedicated to its mission of enhancing the visual appeal of homes while maintaining a deep respect for the environment, making us a reliable and eco-conscious partner for residential window cleaning needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions often asked by Residential Customers

How much will you charge to clean my windows?

It really depends on the size of your property. Give us a call on 07772 324146 and we can arrange a time to visit you and give you an accurate quote.

What areas do you cover for Residential Customers?

We cover all of Milton Keynes, Bletchley, and Bedfordshire plus the local surrounding villages. If you are unsure if this includes you, why not give us a call on 07772 324146 and we can see if we can help you.

I live in a flat can you still clean my windows?

Yes! We use a ‘Reach and Wash’ system which we would use in this instance. Why not give us a call on 07772 324146 and we can see if we can help you?

How often will you clean my windows?

Ideally, we will arrange with you an initial visit and then visit you once every 8 weeks. If you prefer a more frequent visit, please do ask. Why not give us a call on 07772 324146 and see if we can help you?

Such a pleasure to find a company/people who are helpful and reliable, and who did such a wonderful job of a long overdue clean. 5 stars from us – Thank you
 Milton Keynes

Window Cleaning Service [residential]

Window Cleaning Service [residential]

Window Cleaning Service [residential]

Cleaning Services For Residential and Commercial Customers

Residential Window Cleaning Services

We use a 'Reach and Wash' system to allow us to clean windows at most heights, using fresh purified water. Great for the environment as we don't use any nasty chemicals!

Low Impact Soft Washing Cleaning Services

Soft washing is a low-impact washing system we use for rendered buildings, cladding and roof tiles. We use specialist soft chemicals to clean algae and dirt from sandstone, rendering, delicate driveways and patios.

Soffits Fascia Boards and Gutter Cleaning

We can clean your Soffits, and Fascia Boards and using a gutter vacuum, clean the debris and leaves from your gutters allowing the dirty rainwater to wash away without causing damage.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Solar Panels need to be kept clean to be efficient at capturing the Sun's rays.

S & G Cleaning Services use purified water to clean your solar panels helping to make them more efficient and save you money.

Exterior Commercial Cleaning Services

Using a high-pressure wash system we are able to lift years of dirt, oil, chewing gum, and grime from pathways, car parks and shop fronts.

Commercial Maintenance Package

Our 12 month package includes a gutter clean, low impact power washing, roof inspections and more..

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Using fresh purified water and the Reach and Wash System we can reach most heights. So why not spruce up your shop windows or give your office a nice fresh feel?